The 2000s was much quieter than the 80s or the 90s for Weird Al. He only released two albums since 2000, as he didn't record anything for six whole years (below).

Hiatus: 2000-2005Edit

Al took at six year hiatus from 2000 to 2005 after his LASIK and his hair change from 1999.

2006: Straight Outta LynwoodEdit

Straight Outta Lynwood was released in 2006 along with Al's most successful single ever: White & Nerdy, which placed at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, beating 1984's Eat It, which made #12. This song became Al's first Top 10 single ever.

The Rest of the DecadeEdit

Al made another cameo on The Simpsons in 2008, with the song Brain Freeze.

Al released Whatever You Like in October of 2008. This song was the first song that Al copied the title of the original song (T.I.'s "Whatever You Like").

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