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Album: SLO Grown

Released: 1978

Recorded: ????-1978

Total running time: 38:33


Side OneEdit

  1. SLO Country U.S.A. (Smokey Anderson) by The Blackberry Ridge Band (LP jacket in error on band's name)
  2. Send Money Daddy (Carolyn Rasch) by Carolyn Rasch, Dennis Lim, Ed Cirimele
  3. Silver Freedom (Don Jordon) by Don Jordon, Paul Barfeis, Darcy Schermerhom, Lydell Lesperance, Bill Allen, Ismael Castello
  4. My San Luis Obispo Home (Jay Barber) by Jay Barber
  5. Our Central California Paradise (Just a Bit of Paradise) (Charles Lewis) by Charles Lewis
  6. Mission Bell (Kirk Handley) by Kirk Handley, Dave Block, Spence Burton, Mark Roberts

Side TwoEdit

  1. SLO Music (Terry Sanville and Margerite Costigan) by Connie McCabe, Terry Sanville, Dave Keif, Jim Colley, Kristy Johnson, Stephen Schoenfield
  2. Back to SLO Town by (Buddy Rowland) by Buddy Rowland, John Foster
  3. SLO Town Dreaming (keith Johnson and Jeff Pickett) by Mike Schoenfeld, Jim McDougal, Jeff Pickett, Josh Turner
  4. Take Me Down (Alfred Yankovic) by "Weird Al" Yankovic, Tom Walters, Jon Iverson, Joel Miller
  5. Randy's Castle (Spence Burton) by Spence Burton, Mark Roberts, Dave Block, Kirk Handley
  6. Morro Bay (Mark Payne and Rick Houston) by Rototiller Deluxe
  7. Stick Flag (Scott Boyd) by Scott Boyd


  • This is the first album Al was ever on.
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