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Album: The TV Album

Released: November, 1995

Recorded: 1983-1993

Total running time: 37:98


  1. Bedrock Anthem (Alapalooza)
  2. I Can't Watch This (Off The Deep End)
  3. Frank's 2000" TV (Alapalooza)
  4. Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies (UHF)
  5. Ricky ("Weird Al" Yankovic)
  6. Talk Soup (Alapalooza)
  7. Here's Johnny (Polka Party)
  8. The Brady Bunch (In 3-D)
  9. Cable TV (Dare To Be Stupid)
  10. I Lost On Jeopardy (In 3-D)
  11. UHF (UHF)


  • This is a compilation album that Al didn't want to produce, but he still had to.
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