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The Amish Paradise music video

Song: Amish Paradise

Running Time: 3:20

Year: 1996

Albums: Bad Hair Day, Amish Paradise, Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

Parody of: Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio

Genre: Gangsta rap

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  • The Amish are an Anabaptist Christian denomination, formed in 1693 by Swiss Mennonites led by Jacob Amman. Many of them emigrated to the United States in the early 1700s and large communities of them still exist in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. They are known for their traditional lifestyles, antiquated clothing, and an almost total avoidance of modern technology.
  • This song is the source of one of the biggest controversies of Al's career; Al was told that the original artist Coolio had given his permission for the parody, but after the song was released Coolio insisted he had never given permission and that Al's parody "desecrated" his song. Al says that to this day he doesn't know exactly how the miscommunication occurred, but is sorry that Coolio was offended.
    • Al and Coolio notably made nice at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show, where they were photographed smiling together. In a 2014 interview, Coolio says he regretted refusing permission and that he now finds "Amish Paradise" funny.
  • The bridge of the song ("No phones, no lights, no motorcars...") comes from the end credits theme to "Gilligan's Island".
  • Florence Henderson, who played the matriarch Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, plays the woman Al sings to in the music video (a role played in Coolio's original video by Michelle Pfeiffer).
  • Though it takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the music video was shot outside of Los Angeles in Ventura County.
  • Al's parents make cameos in the video as Amish people.
  • The second-last scene of the music video was shot backwards; Al had to learn how to sing his lines backwards. (pronounced "Seada-Rape Shima Ne-Nenible-Steaive Teknethial Barpootsh-Tub").



Year Chart Position
1996 The Billboard Hot 100 53
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