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Song: Bite Me

Running Time: 0:06

Year: 1992

Album: Off The Deep End (CD Only)

Parody of: Endless, Nameless by Nirvana

Genre: Noise rock

Guitar tuning: E flat

Video: None


Listen/Download: None


Bite Me is a hidden track that appears after "You Don't Love Me Anymore", the last track of the album, followed by 10 minutes of silence. Bite Me features backwards drumming, guitar screeching, and Al screaming like he's screaming at someone, creating a very loud track acting as a jumpscare to people who forget to turn off their music player.

Backmasked Message[]

When Bite Me is reversed and slowed down to ⅛ speed, there is a hidden set of lyrics that becomes clearly audible at 0:17.

When we cannot ask the forest for a moment's shade

Though every ray of sun cuts like a razor blade

And we cannot ask the river for water

If she has none!

This was first discovered in 2004, and appears to be from David Hallyday's "Tears of the Earth."


  • A 3 second version of Bite Me also appeared on the Weird Al Show at the end of each episode in the Ear Booker Productions logo. It contains a flashing background and text. This logo can cause seizures, due to the rapid flashing.