Song: Buy Me A Condo

Running Time: 3:45

Year: 1983

Album: In 3-D, Al-In-The-Box

Style parody of: Bob Marley (particularly "Buffalo Soldier")

Genre: Reggae

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  • The song makes many references to 1980s American middle-class consumer culture:
    • Condo is short for "condominium", a type of apartment or semi-detached house that is bought instead of leased or rented, ostensibly allowing people to become homeowners at a lower cost. They started springing up in America in the 1960s and were widespread by the 80s.
    • Cusinart is a brand of kitchen appliances; colloquially, the term "Cuisinart" by itself refers to the company's flagship product, an electric food processor.
    • "The T-shirt with the alligator on" refers to Lacoste polo shirts, which were manufactured in America at the time by the Izod company and were considered a "preppy" clothing item; the logo on the shirts was a drawing of an alligator.
    • A Tupperware party refers to how Tupperware kitchen products have traditionally been sold; a Tupperware salesperson (a "consultant") invites friends and neighbors over to their house in hopes that they'll buy the products they have on display; the salesperson is then paid a commission based on how much they sell.
    • Amway is a "multi-level marketing" company that distributes products in a way similar to Tupperware.
    • Jacuzzi is a manufacturer of whirlpool bathtubs and hot tubs with massaging water jets; the term "Jacuzzi" is often used to refer to hot tubs in general.
  • "Ganja" is Jamaican slang for marijuana.
  • "Rastaman" refers to someone who follows Rastafari, a Jamaican religion which holds that Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I, who died in 1975, was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Reggae stars Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were both famous Rastafarians.
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