Video Screenshot

Song: CNR

Running Time: 3:21

Year: 2009

Album: Alpocalypse, Internet Leaks

Style Parody of: The White Stripes (esp. Icky Thump,

The Denial Twist and Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground)

Genre: Alternative rock

Guitar tuning: E standard

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: Yes


Download/Listen: None

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song is about Charles Nelson Reilly panelist on the Match Game television show.
  • The music video is animated by Jib-Jab, the animators who did the video for Al's Do I Creep You Out. The music video also leaves out a whole verse, making it 40 seconds shorter.
  • This is the first music video of Al's where you can insert your own face.
  • On Weird Al's Twitter (alyankovic) he has posted pictures with green screen caps and things, those were in the making of this video. Twitpic
  • CNR ripping the man's heart may be based upon a scene from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.
  • CNR's trophy room has the head of Chuck Norris, which may be a reference to the Chuck Norris Facts.
  • The line, "'Cause you can spit in the wind or tug on Superman's cape, But Lord knows you just don't mess around with CNR," is a reference to the Jim Croce song, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim."
  • If you listen very closely when Al sings "He trained a rattlesnake to do his laundry," you can hear a tiny burp from him or possibly one of the band members.
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