Song: Don't Download This Song

Running Time: 3:54

Year: 2006

Album: Straight Outta Lynwood, White & Nerdy

Style Parody of: 80's group charity songs genre, USA For Africa ("We Are The World"), "Hands Across America", and "Do They Know It's Christmas?".

Genre: Pop/Gospel

Guitar tuning: E standard

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Video: Yes



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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Video animated by Bill Plympton, who also animated the video for "TMZ".
  • Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, and LimeWire are music-sharing programs.
  • During the song's fade out you can hear Al say "You cheap bastard!". Weird Al doesn't swear (neither in his music or his day-to-day life) so this is arguably the strongest language present in his entire body of work.
  • "It doesn't matter if you're a grandma" is likely a reference to 83 year-old Gertrude Walton, whom the RIAA sued despite being deceased.
  • "Or a seven year-old girl" is likely a reference to Kylee Andersen, whom the RIAA sued at age 10 for suspected copyright infringement made at age 7.
  • Lars Ulrich is the drummer for Metallica. Ulrich's stance against copyright infringement (hence, "even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong") led Metallica to successfully sue file-sharing website Napster. Napster was forced to remove all Metallica songs from the site.,_Inc.
  • Tommy Chong is an actor and marijuana enthusiast who pled guilty to a conspiracy to distribute glass paraphernalia and was sentenced to nine months in prison ("please don't you do it or you might wind up in jail like Tommy Chong").
  • Ironically, this song was available as a free download on both Weird Al's Myspace page and YouTube channel.
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