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Song: First World Problems

Running Time: 3:13

Year: 2013

Album: Mandatory Fun

Style Parody of: Pixies

Genre: Alternative rock

Guitar tuning: Drop D

Lyrics: First World Problems

Video: Yes



  • The song copies elements common to many Pixies songs, such as a constant back-and-forth between quiet and loud sections (a technique famously borrowed by Nirvana and subsequently by other grunge bands), and musical phrases that are three bars long instead of the usual four.
    • The structure of the song is very similar to that of "Tame", from the album Doolittle.
    • The opening bassline is very similar to that of "Debaser" from the same album.
    • Guest vocalist Amanda Palmer's vocals are meant to imitate those of Pixies bassist and occasional singer and songwriter Kim Deal.
  • The song's video was directed by Liam Lynch, best known as the creator of The Sifl and Olly Show, his collaborations with Tenacious D, and for his 2003 album Fake Songs which contained his own Pixies style parody, "Fake Pixies Song":

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