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Song: Frank's 2000" TV

Running Time: 4:05

Year: 1992

Album: Alapalooza, Al-In-The-Box, TV Album

Style Parody of: R.E.M. (Sitting Still, Catapult, Radio Free Europe)

Genre: Alternative rock

Guitar tuning: E standard

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Video: None

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  • A 2000" TV at the then standard 4:3 ratio would have a screen 100 feet tall and 133 feet wide, which is slightly larger than the Darling Harbour IMAX in Sydney, the world's largest IMAX theatre, which was 97 feet tall and 117 feet, 2 inches wide before a refurbishment that started in 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. At today's 16:9 ratio it would be 81 feet, 8½ inches tall and 145 feet, 3⅙ inches wide.
  • This is one of many "Weird Al" songs where the theme is Television.