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Song: Hardware Store

Running Time: 3:44

Album: Poodle Hat

Parody of: None; originally intended as a style parody of Presidents of the United States of America

Genre: Speed metal, alternative rock

Guitar tuning: E standard

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Video: No

Download/Listen: None

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  • "Every 27th customer will get a ball peen hammer free" is another mention of the number 27.
  • The rapid-fire list of products the hardware store has consists of 61 items.
    • Duracells and Energizers are popular brands of batteries.
    • An automatic circumciser is a device for cutting cigars, which is likely named for its resemblance to a device used for circumcision.
  • The sound of tools operating rhythmically in the intro may have been inspired by Money by Pink Floyd
  • Al stated that he wouldn't ever perform this song in concert, because of the quick, hard-to-sing lyrics.
  • The song originally began as a grunge spoof in the style of the Presidents of the United States of America before developing into an original speed metal song.