[ Intro in the style of "Carry On" ]

We must all efficiently
Operationalize our strategies
Invest in world-class technology
And leverage our core competencies
In order to holistically administrate
Exceptional synergy

We'll set a brand trajectory
Using management philosophy
Advance our market share vis-à-vis
Our proven methodology

With strong commitment to quality
Effectively enhancing corporate synergy

Transitioning our company
By awareness of functionality
Promoting viability
Providing our supply chain with diversity (versity, oooh)

We will distill our identity
Through client-centric solutions
And synergy

[ Backwards Guitar Solo ]

Aah, aah...

At the end of the day (At the end of the day)
We must monetize our assets

[ Guitar Breakdown in the style of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" ]

The fundamentals have changed
Can you visualize 
A value-added experience
That will grow the business infrastructure and
Monetize our assets
Monetize our assets
Monetize our assets

Bringing to the table
Our capitalized reputation
Proactively overseeing day-to-day operations
Services and deliverables
With cross-platform innovation
Networking soon will bring
Seamless integration
Robust and scalable
Bleeding-edge and next-generation
Best of breed
We'll succeed
In achieving globalization

[ Outro in the style of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" begins here. ]

Gaining traction with our resources in the marketplace
It's mission-critical to stay incentivised
Our business model calls for flexible solutions for our customer base
If you can't think outside the box
You'll be downsized

It's a paradigm shift
[tongue roll]
Hey, hey!  Look out
Well it's a paradigm shift, now

Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
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