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Song: Nature Trail to Hell

Running Time: 5:50

Year: 1984

Album: In 3-D

Style Parody: Although Weird Al stated in an interview on Reddit in 2014, that the song (along with Midnight Star from the same album) were not made to be parodying any particular style, the song borrows elements from other famous songs.

These include:

  • Thriller - Michael Jackson [Similar lyrical theme]
  • Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John [Opening sound effects]
  • Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath [Opening sound effects]
  • A Day in the Life - The Beatles [Ending piano note]

Genre: Art rock

Guitar tuning: E standard

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: None

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  • Around 3:40 into the song Weird Al can be heard saying something in reverse. When played backwards it's revealed to be "Satan eats Cheez Whiz". This was made as a jab at the scare made during the satanic panic in the 1980s claiming that rock songs contained satanic messages when played backwards. The backwards message can be heard here. Listen here.