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Song: Ode To A Superhero

Running Time: 4:52

Album: Poodle Hat

Year: 2003

Parody of: Piano Man by Billy Joel

Genre: Folk rock

Guitar tuning: E standard

Lyrics: Ode To A Superhero

Video: None

Download/Listen: None

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  • The whole song recaps the events and characters of the 2002 hit movie Spider-Man.
  • Characters included:
    • Peter Parker whose alter-ego is Spider-Man.
    • Mary Jane who's Peter's love interest, also known as MJ.
    • Harry Osborn who is Peter's friend and also loves Mary Jane.
    • Uncle Ben who is Peter's uncle.
    • Norman Osborn whose alter-ego is the Green Goblin and also Harry's father.
  • Events included:
    • Peter being bitten by a spider while touring at a science lab with his class.
    • Peter's transformation into Spider-Man like being able to crawl on walls and shoot web from his arms.
    • Mary Jane pulling the mask off Peter to kiss him while he is hanging upside-down in the rain.
    • Uncle Ben saying the motto: "With great power comes great responsibility".
    • Norman's transformation into the Green Goblin and losing his sanity.
    • The Green Goblin's weapons: His glider and pumpkin bombs.
    • The death of Osborn and Harry thinking that Spider-Man killed him.
    • Peter turning down Mary Jane at Osborn's funeral.
  • Power Rangers, an American television show for children featuring masked heroes, is mentioned in the song.