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I Love Rocky Road is a parody of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts cover of the Arrows I Love Rock 'n' Roll. The song is talking about Rocky Road flavoured ice cream.

Single: I Love Rocky Road Released: July 5, 1983 Recorded: March 14, 1982 Total Running Time: 6:01


  1. I Love Rocky Road
  2. Happy Birthday

(Promo single doesn't include Happy Birthday)


  • This is Weird Al's fourth single.
  • It charted at no. 6 on the U.S Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.

Music Video (from Wikipedia)[]

The music video was the directorial debut of Dror Soref and parodies the "I Love Rock 'n Roll" music video, with these differences from the original:

  • It takes place in an ice cream parlor, rather than in a bar.
  • It was shot in color rather than in black and white (although the Joan Jett original was shot in color initially).
  • It was videotaped rather than filmed.
  • In "I Love Rock 'n Roll", Joan Jett says "Ow!" twice for her enthusiasm. In "I Love Rocky Road", Weird Al says "Ow!" in reaction to an ice cream-induced brain freeze, the second time he says "Ow!" in reaction to a kid biting his leg.
  • Dr. Demento makes a cameo appearance as a cashier.
  • While Al is playing his accordion, the cover photo for the single can be seen.
  • Yankovic wears a black leather jacket with the I Love Lucy logo, as a reference to Yankovic's first music video, "Ricky".
  • The ice cream in the video was actually mashed potatoes because real ice cream would melt under the stage lights.[1]
  • When Yankovic sings the line "If I get fat and lose my teeth, that's fine with me," he smiles to reveal all his teeth have either fallen out or are rotten.