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Song: Skipper Dan

Running Time: 4:01

Year: 2009

Album: Alpocalypse, Internet Leaks

Style Parody of:' Weezer ('Pork and Beans, Undone (The Sweater Song), Buddy Holly, Island in the Sun)  and Fountains of Wayne (Stacy's Mom, Radiation Vibe, Denise, Sink to the Bottom)

Genre: Alternative rock/Power pop

Guitar tuning: E flat

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Video: Yes



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  • This song is about the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.
  • A canteen belonging to Skipper Dan was added to the unload area of the Disneyland version of the attraction in 2021.
  • The jokes referenced in the bridge, explained:
    • "Bengal tigers can jump over twenty feet": Followed by the reassurance that luckily, the one the boat is passing is only four feet away.
    • "That's an African bull elephant": Followed by a description of its distinctive features. Then, in case anyone on the boat has a short memory, the skipper points out a second one, repeating the same spiel word for word.
    • "There it is, the back side of water": This is the punchline of probably the most famous joke on the ride. The boat first travels past a waterfall, then around a loop past some other scenery. As the boat returns, it passes behind the same waterfall, with the skipper excitedly playing up the significance of getting to see such a rare sight.
  • The video was animated by Divya Srinivasan who is best known for her collaborations with They Might Be Giants, whom Al is a well-known fan of. 
  • Unlike any of the songs he made, this is considered to be Weird Al's most dramatic song (as well as TMZ).
  • In the second verse, Skipper Dan says "Don't bother tryin' to IMDB me." however, there is an IMDB page for the song. You can find it here.