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I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (Home Demo)
I'll Repair For YouI'll Sue Ya
I'm In Luv Wit Da SkipperI'm So Sick Of YouI'm Stupid Blues
I'm a Little KittyI Can't Watch ThisI Feel Like Throwin' Up
I Got a New RoutineI Guess That's Why They Call It The ZooI Killed Her with Kindness
I Like YouI Lost On JeopardyI Lost On Jeopardy (Extended Mix)
I Love Rocky Road
I Love Rocky Road (Demo)I Made You Into a Freak
I Need a NapI Quit
I Remember LarryI Think I'm A Clone NowI Want A New Duck
I Was Only KiddingI Will Comply
If I Could Make Love To A BottleIf That Isn't Love
Internet Only SongsIsle Thing
It's All About The PentiumsIt's My World (and We're All Living in it)
It's Nice to Be NiceIt's Still Billy Joel To Me
Jackson Park Express
Jay LeveyJerry Springer
Jib-JabJim WestJon "Bermuda" Schwartz
Julia WatersJurashiku ParkJurassic Park
King Of Suede
Lame Claim To FameLasagnaLaundry Day
Leisure Suit SerenadeLet's March in the ParadeLet Me Be Your Hog
Let The Pun Fit The CrimeLike A Surgeon
Like a Surgeon (Truth or Dare Version)Lisa PopielList of Parodies
Live PerformancesLivin' In The Fridge
Living With A HerniaLousy Haircut
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Lyrics:CraigslistLyrics:Crazy Cow TherapistLyrics:Dare To Be Stupid
Lyrics:Dead Car Battery BluesLyrics:Do I Creep You OutLyrics:Doctor
Lyrics:Dog Eat DogLyrics:Don't Download This SongLyrics:Don't Wear Those Shoes
Lyrics:Don't You (Forget About Meat)Lyrics:Don't You Forget About MeatLyrics:Dr. D Superstar
Lyrics:Eat It
Lyrics:Electric ShaverLyrics:Everything You Know Is Wrong
Lyrics:Fast FoodLyrics:Fat
Lyrics:FatterLyrics:Feel Like Throwin' UpLyrics:Finale
Lyrics:First World ProblemsLyrics:Flatbush AvenueLyrics:Foil
Lyrics:Food MedleyLyrics:Frank's 2000" TVLyrics:Free Delivery
Lyrics:Fun ZoneLyrics:Gandhi IILyrics:Gee I'm A Nerd
Lyrics:Generic BluesLyrics:Genius In FranceLyrics:George Of The Jungle
Lyrics:GermsLyrics:Giggling Laughter
Lyrics:Girls Just Want To Have LunchLyrics:Good Enough For NowLyrics:Good Old Days
Lyrics:Gotta BoogieLyrics:Grapefruit DietLyrics:Green Eggs And Ham
Lyrics:GumpLyrics:HandyLyrics:Happy Birthday
Lyrics:Happy Birthday (Placebo EP version)Lyrics:Happy Weird Holidays
Lyrics:Hardware StoreLyrics:Harvey The Wonder HamsterLyrics:Headline News
Lyrics:Heart So ProudLyrics:Here's JohnnyLyrics:Hit Me With A Rock
Lyrics:Homer And MargeLyrics:Hooked On Polkas
Lyrics:Hot Rocks PolkaLyrics:HummingbirdsLyrics:I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
Lyrics:I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (Home Demo)Lyrics:I'll Repair For YouLyrics:I'll Sue Ya
Lyrics:I'm In Luv Wit Da SkipperLyrics:I'm So Sick Of You
Lyrics:I'm Stupid BluesLyrics:I Can't Watch ThisLyrics:I Feel Like Throwin' Up
Lyrics:I Guess That's Why They Call It The ZooLyrics:I Lost On JeopardyLyrics:I Love Rocky Road
Lyrics:I Love Rocky Road (Demo)Lyrics:I Need A NapLyrics:I Remember Larry
Lyrics:I Think I'm A Clone NowLyrics:I Want A New DuckLyrics:I Was Only Kidding
Lyrics:I Will Comply
Lyrics:If I Could Make Love To A BottleLyrics:If That Isn't LoveLyrics:Iguana
Lyrics:InactiveLyrics:Isle ThingLyrics:It's All About The Pentiums
Lyrics:It's Still Billy Joel To MeLyrics:Jackson Park Express
Lyrics:Jerry SpringerLyrics:Jurassic ParkLyrics:King Of Suede
Lyrics:King of SuedeLyrics:Lame Claim To FameLyrics:Lasagna
Lyrics:Laundry DayLyrics:Leisure Suit SerenadeLyrics:Let Me Be Your Hog
Lyrics:Let The Pun Fit The CrimeLyrics:Like A SurgeonLyrics:Like A Surgeon ("Truth Or Dare" Version)
Lyrics:Livin' In The FridgeLyrics:Living With A HerniaLyrics:Lousy Haircut
Lyrics:Make Me Steak 3Lyrics:Matter Of Crust
Lyrics:MelanieLyrics:Midnight StarLyrics:Mission Statement
Lyrics:Moldy NowLyrics:Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
Lyrics:Mr. Frump In The Iron LungLyrics:Mr. PopeilLyrics:My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
Lyrics:My BolognaLyrics:My Bologna (food medley)
Lyrics:My Own EyesLyrics:NOW That's What I Call Polka!Lyrics:Nature Trail To Hell
Lyrics:Nobody Here But Us FrogsLyrics:Ode To A SuperheroLyrics:One More Minute
Lyrics:One Of Those DaysLyrics:Orgy On My OwnLyrics:Pac-Man
Lyrics:PancreasLyrics:Party At The Leper Colony
Lyrics:Party In The CIALyrics:Perform This WayLyrics:Peter And The Wolf
Lyrics:Phony CallsLyrics:Pigeons
Lyrics:Polka Face!Lyrics:Polka Party!Lyrics:Polka Patterns
Lyrics:Polka Power!Lyrics:Polka Your Eyes OutLyrics:Polkamon
Lyrics:Polkarama!Lyrics:Polkas On 45Lyrics:Polkas On 45 (Pre-Album Version)
Lyrics:PoodleLyrics:Pretty Fly For A RabbiLyrics:RealRadio 104.1
Lyrics:Robert PlantLyrics:School CafeteriaLyrics:School Cafeteria (live in studio)
Lyrics:SharkLyrics:She Drives Like CrazyLyrics:She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
Lyrics:Since You've Been GoneLyrics:Skipper DanLyrics:Slime Creatures From Outer Space
Lyrics:Smells Like NirvanaLyrics:Snack All NightLyrics:Snails
Lyrics:Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
Lyrics:Spatula CityLyrics:Sports SongLyrics:Spy Hard
Lyrics:Spy Hard (Credits Version)Lyrics:Steak No. 3
Lyrics:Stop Draggin' My Car AroundLyrics:Stop Forwarding That Crap To MeLyrics:Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
Lyrics:Such A Groovy GuyLyrics:Super Duper Party PonyLyrics:Syndicated Inc.
Lyrics:TMZLyrics:TackyLyrics:Taco Grande

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