Oh Rickey.

Music video Edit

The filmed music video is mostly in black and white and parodies the I Love Lucy television show. Yankovic plays the part of Ricky Ricardo, complete with effected Cuban accent. Yankovic appears minus his mustache, and with his hair slicked back, to more closely resemble Desi Arnaz. Yankovic is also seen briefly in one scene, as himself with his band, playing the accordion and sporting his normal mustache and curly hair. Tress MacNeille plays the part of Lucy, giving an impression of Lucille Ball's somewhat raspy voice and her usual schticks such as her unique way of crying. The video (and song) ends with a segment of the I Love Lucy theme, with Ricky on accordion, followed by Ricky doing his "Huah! Huah! Huah!" trademark laugh. This was Yankovic's first music video. The liner notes in The Ultimate Video Collection (a compilation DVD) suggest that Ricky "was arguably the first comedy video ever shown on MTV" (it was first seen on an episode of Saturday Night Live).

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