These are the visuals that occur during the music video for the song Gump.

Visuals Lyrics
Weird Al, bald, jumps out from behind

Drum player comes out.

Guitar comes in front of picture.

Cuts to scene of Weird Al from above.
Shows Gump.
Cuts to Weird Al making his foot go to his head.
Goes to Weird Al looking curious.

Shows Gump offering some food to a
lady who gets out her purse and
Starts hitting Gump.
Goes to Weird al and the band in a water fountain.
Goes to Gump and JFK while Gump is poking him.
Cuts to Gump offering a strong man the food.
Goes back to Al in the water fountain.

Weird Al makes a dotted square in the air.
Cuts to the strong man spining gump around by his head.
Goes back.
Weird al turns Gump's head to the side.

Gump sat
alone on a bench in
the park 'My my name is
Forrest', he'd casually remark!
Waiting for the bus with his hands
in his pockets, He just kept sayin' life is like
a box of
chocolates. He's Gump! He's Gump!
Whats in his head?

He's Gump He's Gump He's Gump!
Is he inbred?

Gump was a big celebrity!
He told JFK that he really had to pee!
He never feels too dumb because...
His mom always told him stupid is what stupid does!
He's Gump! He's Gump! He's Gump!
He's kind of square!

He's Gump! He's Gump! He's Gump!
Whats with that hair?

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