The music video for Jurassic Park was done entirely in claymation. Some notable scenes are:

  • Worker digging for amber crystals finds mosquito with oversized eyes and tongue sticking out encased in amber
  • Scientist examining mosquito under microscope; sees the DNA cartoon character from the film taking a shower; DNA shrieks and pulls up the shower curtain
  • Weird Al trying to hold the kitchen door shut on a velociraptor; raptor pulls out a keychain to open the door
  • A bunch of dinosaurs are running loose; one of them is a chicken
  • Weird Al in a lab coat in the rain demonstrating his "chaos theory" on a chalkboard
  • Brontosaurus steps on a man
  • Al in a darkened room with a bunch of hungry dinosaurs; he lights a match but one of the reptiles puts it out
  • The tyrannosaur that eats lawyer Donald Gennaro finishes his meal by wiping his mouth with a napkin and then flossing
  • An Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike shooting dinosaurs with an M-16; tyrannosaurus flattens him
  • Two dinosaurs in wrestling outfits; World Wrestling Entertainment icon can be seen in the corner of the screen
  • Tyrannosaur eats Yankovic; as he is traveling down the dinosaurs esophagus he sees dancing/boogeying dinosaurs; also two dinosaurs fighting over a man
  • Yankovic lands in the stomach and witnesses a vendor who attempts to sell him an "I Was Eaten Alive at Jurassic Park" t-shirt
  • Steven Spielberg (director of the Jurassic Park film) can be seen with another man and a woman; a tyrannosaur turns to eat them; the man and womans' eyes pop out, Spielberg throws up a sign saying "Cut" and then they all run
  • Yankovic angrily stating his disapproval for the park, getting into a helicopter; the helicopter is eaten by a tyrannosaurus as the video ends
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