Song: Weasel Stomping Day

Running Time: 1:36

Year: 2006

Album: Straight Outta Lynwood

Style parody of: Christmas carols and Albert Hague("Trim up the Tree")

Genre: Pop

Guitar tuning: E standard

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Video: Yes



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Trivia[edit | edit source]


  • The video was made by the creators of Robot Chicken, and was aired as a segment on the show.
  • The squeals of the weasels were provided by Al's wife and daughter, as well as his pet poodle and cockatiel; the sounds of them being crushed were made by abusing various fruits and vegetables.
  • One of the characters wears a Peta t-shirt. Peta is "animal saving" organisation.
  • This song was likely inspired by the 1993 Simpsons episode "Whacking Day". During the holiday of the same name, Springfield residents get together and bludgeon snakes to death with clubs.
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