Song: Whatever You Like

Running Time: 3:42

Released:: October 8, 2008

Recorded: September 29, 2008

Album: Alpocalypse, Internet Leaks, Whatever You Like

Parody of: Whatever You Like by T.I.

Genre: Pop rap

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Video: Yes


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Music Video ReferencesEdit

The music video references lots of Al's songs, albums, life, or brands and national chains.


Albuquerque: The Yankovictims meeting was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

White and Nerdy: During the Top Notch Ramen scene, the side of the crane read: White and Nerde.

My Bologna: One of the Top Notch Ramen flavors was bologna.

Eat It: This was Uncle Al's Rice slogan.

Dare to be Stupid: At the laundromat, there was a D.A.R.E bumper sticker next to a license plate that read - 2BSTUPID.

CNR: It was on the cash register along with an Alapalooza sticker.

Bob: At Al's house, it was on a side of a box.

Polkarama!: It was a brand of battery on the pizza


Poodle Hat: A license plate at the laundromat read POODLE.

Alapalooza: On a sticker on the same register as CNR.

Straight Outta Lynwood: It is a TV show on MyNetworkTV, as seen on the side of the pimped out metro bus.

UHF Movie:Edit

  1. There was an UHF poster in Al's girlfriend's sister's room.
  2. At the beginning, Channel 62 logos were behind Al at the Yankovictims meeting.


27: At the laundromat, a license plate said TWENTYSEVEN.

Polka Life Tattoo: His polka melodies

Dr. Demento: Wallmart Superdupercenters sell DEMENTO T.V.'S.



MyNetwork TV: The station that the Straight Outta Lynwood TV show is on.

The Sopranos: The SopranOVICKs

Deadwood: DeadWEIRD

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Curb Your ALthusiasm


  • This features a ton of pop culture references.
  • The pork and beans say something about society.
  • This song shares the same title as the song it's parodying.
  • This is the first song to be featured on "Internet Leaks."
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