Youre Pitiful


Song: You're Pitiful

Running Time: 3:16

Year: 2006

Album: Internet Only, You're Pitiful

Parody of: You're Beautiful (James Blunt)

Genre: Soft rock

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  • This was originally going to be released with Weird Al's CD, Straight Outta Lynwood, but was removed after a conflict with James Blunt's record label.
    • In 2009, for his CD The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic, he asked them again and they responded "Thanks for your email, but both James and I will never approve this parody to be released on any label."
  • When Al performs this song at concerts, he usually wears multiple shirts, with one that says, "Atlantic Records Sucks." During one concert, he has a shirt which says "Atlantic Records STILL Sucks!" This is a reference to his above problems.
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